Beautiful Slovenian Women: Characteristics & Dating Tips

Slovenia is a small but rather attractive country due to beautiful Slovenian women. It’s no surprise that Slovenia single ladies are known in the international dating scene. This is a typical model for those people who know what they are looking for in a relationship. Therefore, single gentlemen often choose beautiful Slovenian women. There are a lot of beautiful women in Slovenia who certainly stand out from the crowd. Slovenian beauty cannot be compared even to many Western and Asian women.

Moreover, Slovenian ladies are always in a position to help you through their natural beauty. Slovenian models today are collected in our fresh collection. Thus, you can get to know beautiful Slovenian celebrities closer. Beautiful Slovenian girls fight back against anyone who will pretend to be in their place!

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Women From Slovenia: Characteristics

Mask of Cold and Indifference

At first glance, sexy Slovenian women seem a little cold and unapproachable. However, this is not always concerned with reality. Beautiful Slovenia women are just closed to people they don’t know well enough. Once you start dealing with Slovenian babes there is nothing to do. Just realize how kind, warm and friendly Slovenian ladies are!

Generous and Friendly

As a rule, women in Slovenia are generous and accommodating by nature. Slovenian women try to find similar traits in their potential partners. If you respect and treat hot Slovenian girls with care, then they will have the same attitude toward you.

Light romance, casual flirting and pleasant words are a few things that Slovenia ladies expect from men. Unlike some Western or European women, a hot Slovenian girl doesn’t mind meeting a foreigner. But if you think that you can play with beautiful in Slovenian feelings, then you are wrong. Slovenian women always know how to stand up for themselves.

“Slovenian women are naturally generous and accommodating, and they look for similarities in their partners.”


Unlike many nationalities, beautiful Slovenian girls are not characterized by any show or bright appearance. Slovenian women never put on dress to work with high-heeled boots for a walk. Casual style is the most appropriate for beautiful Slovenian ladies.

Beautiful Slovenian girls prefer to wear simple, comfortable jeans, loose shirts or t-shirts, and low-heeled sneakers or boots. Every day looks are chosen by Slovenian women regardless of the situation whether it is at work or in a store, walking with friends, party or on a date.

In addition, Slovenian women are not at all makeup lovers which can be said about Slovenian female models. Beautiful Slovenian ladies do not think that this is a must for everyday life. Famous Slovenian women can even go to parties without makeup and go out. If a Slovenian woman meet you in casual clothes without makeup, this does not mean that you have not hooked her. This feature of the Slavic mentality is inherent in beautiful Slovenian women!

Neat & Tidy

Slovenian women consider neatness an essential element of the female image. Although beautiful Slovenian ladies do not wear bright clothes, they make sure that everything is clean, ironed and tidy. This helps beautiful Slovenian girls look pretty good and not vulgar.

Meet Your Beautiful Slovenian women

Why Are Slovenians So Attractive?

The popularity of hot Slovenian women has recently begun to grow so many foreigners flock to the country to build relationships with Slovenian beauties. The whole point of the attractiveness of Slovenian women is that they adhere to Slovenian beauty standards.

Slovenian dating culture is not far from the rest of Europe. However, there are certain things you need to know before dealing with girls in Slovenia. All you need to know about relationships with beautiful Slovenian ladies is that they have a lot of mystique!

Slovenian Women: Tips to Make a Perfect Date

  1. Correspond her;
  2. Be neat;
  3. Stay gallant;
  4. Watch her in detail;
  5. Plan your date beforehand;
  6. Avoid overcrowded places;
  7. Be generous;
  8. Stay yourself in any situation;
  9. Be proactive;
  10. Be never late;
  11. Do not criticize your Slovenian beauty;
  12. Order a taxi to bring her home.

Top 25 Most Beautiful Slovenian Women

#1 Ajda Smrekar

Ajda Smrekar

Ayda Smrekar is a talented Slovenian actress and writer. This Slovenian woman is well-known in her territory – in her native Slovenia. Her plays are admired by many. If you want to see the photo gallery of this beautiful Slovenian woman, you can find her on Instagram or Facebook. A Slovenian woman starred in such films as: “V Imenu Ljudstva”, “Sailing to Paradise” and “Cista Desetka”.

#2 Sanja Grohar

Sanja Grohar

Sanja Grohar is a hot and beautiful Slovenian singer, model, TV presenter and influencer. Sanja is a Slovenian Playboy title holder. Sanja Grohar won the “Miss Slovenia-2005” pageant and also took part in the “Miss World-2005” pageant. Since then, a Slovenian woman has released several singles and gained a huge listening audience.

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#3 Katarina Čas

Katarina Čas

Katarina Cas came today on the list of the hottest Slovenian girls. This irresistible Slovenian lady is very popular among the mass audience. Katarina Cas is a talented Slovenian actress. A beautiful Slovenian actress was educated at the University of Ljubljana at the Faculty of Economics. She won the Expert Jury Victor Award for Best Variety Show Host. By nature, Katarina is a very open and talented Slovenian woman who has become in demand.

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#4 Iris Kavka

Iris Kavka

Slovenian fashion model Iris Kavka impresses us with her mesmerizing photos. The last time she showed her shots from Incanto lingerie ads. Today, Slovenian pretty has a collection of different photo shoots. Iris Kavka is a beautiful Slovenian fashion model. It is always a pleasure to look at this beautiful Slovenian lady especially when this slender green-eyed beauty is posing in swimsuits or lingerie.

#5 Maja Cotic

Maja Cotic

Maja Cotic is a beautiful Slovenian woman with appetizing curves. This is a unique Slovenian model with a great experience. The beautiful Slovenian diva being a student of the Faculty of Cosmetology of the Higher School of Service won the title of “Miss Slovenia”. Three years earlier, a beautiful Slovenian won the “Beauty Weekend Portorož” contest (2010). Before her victory, Maja became a finalist in the “Miss Hawaiian Tropic Slovenia” contest (2009). Before cosmetology, the Slovenian beauty Maja studied economics.

#6 Tadeja Ternar

Tadeja Ternar

Tadeja Ternar (born in 1987 in Beltinci, Yugoslavia ) is a hot Slovenian beauty pageant contestant. A woman represented Slovenia at the “Miss World-2007” competition in China. She is a professional Slovenian model. Now, a Slovenian woman is 31 years old. A Slovenian beauty is a very charming, feminine and talented Slovenian celebrity known in the world.

#7 Ziva Vadnov

Ziva Vadnov

Ziva Vadnov is an attractive Slovenian baby. She is a role model for many European girls. Ziva Vadnov is an aspiring Slovenian Beauty Queen being crowned “Miss Slovenia” (2004) and represented her country at the pageant in China. A Slovenian girl married her longtime partner Klemen in 2011.

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#8 Tina Maze

Tina Maze

Tina Maze is an excellent Slovenian skier. Her career began in 2005 when she won three races and was on the podium five times. Ten she earned the first of several Slovenian Sportswoman of the Year titles.

Tina won four Olympic medals which made her the most successful Olympic champion in the history of Slovenia. A Slovenian Maze started skiing when she was only three years old. Tina competed in her first Olympics, the Games in Salt Lake City (2022) and Utah but failed to win a medal. However, later a Slovenian lady took her first World Cup victory in the Slovenian giant slalom.

#9 Sandra Marinovic

Sandra Marinovic

If you want to see what the attractiveness of a Slovenian woman is, be sure to pay attention to Sandra Marinovic. This is a pretty sexy and talented mod with perfect parameters. Sandra won the “Miss Universe Slovenia 2010” contest which brought her worldwide fame and success in the Slovenian modeling industry.

#10 Iva Krajnc

Iva Krajnc

A Slovenia actress Iva Krajnc was born in Ljubljana. A Slovenian lady named Iva has participated in more than 9 films since 2002. The first picture in which Iva starred is “Klescar”. Iva Krajnc has several social media accounts and a personal website to learn more about her creativity.

#11 Tanja Ribič

Tanja Ribič

Tanja Ribic is an irresistible Slovenia female actress. The beauty graduated from the Academy of Theatre in the capital Ljubljana, Slovenia. Since 1992, a Slovenian woman has been working in the Ljubljana City Theatre. The woman represented Slovenia at Eurovision 1997 with the song “Zbudi se” which finished tenth on the list. Her most notable role on television was when a woman played Magda Velepic in the Slovenian series “Our Little Clinic”. In 2009, Ribich starred in the film “Lunina’s first night” which was shown in English.

#12 Inja Zalta

Inja Zalta

Inja Zalta is a Slovenia actress and model. Her talents were revealed at a young age. However, a beautiful Slovenian actress gained particular popularity only in 2016 playing Nina Dolinar in the television series “Usodno Vino”. Before her peak of fame, Inja made her screen debut in 2015 in the short film “Vsekana”. At the moment, Inja is popular on social media. Now the actress has more than 50,000 followers on Instagram.

#13 Jana Zupancic

Jana Zupancic

Jana Zupancic is an actress of both big and short films. This talented Slovenian actress was born in May, in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The woman has a rather good disposition and attracts fans not only with her creativity but charm. Jana is admired for cute appearance.

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#14 Marjuta Slamič

Marjuta Slamič

Marjuta Slami was born in Postojna, Slovenia. The Slovenian woman graduated from the Guildford School of Acting in London. Marjuta has received numerous awards for her roles in Slovenian cinema. Marjuta works at the Slovenian National Theater in Nova Gorica and currently resides in Nova Gorica, Slovenia.

#15 Maruša Majer

Maruša Majer

Marusa Majer is a talented and hot Slovenian film actress. Marusa boasts of her ideal forms and luxurious figure. The appearance of a Slavic beauty attracts many Western men. The mass audience does not remain indifferent to Marusa to this day. The actress is known for the films “Ivan” (2017), “The Rise of Ederlezi” (2018) and “The Age of Publications” (2016).

#16 Natasa Barbara Gracner

Natasa Barbara Gracner

Barbara Grace Romano spends too much time in Italy. Grace Romano is a stunning Slovenian model and actress. Most of her childhood, a girl spent in orphanages. Barbara is fluent in multiple foreign languages. A Slovenian beauty was twice a finalist in the “Miss Italy” contest. She has worked for various magazines and advertising companies. Barbara modeled for famous brands such as Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, 9 West, Bloomingdales and more.

#17 Natasa Matjasec

Natasa Matjasec

Natasa Matjasec is a talented and more than just a professional actress. From 1989 to 1994, Natasa Matjasec studied acting at the Academy of Theatre, Radio in Ljubljana, Slovenia. As an actress, the woman has worked on numerous theatrical productions. Natasa starred in the following films: “Rusevin” (2004), “Tigra” (2001) and “Clovek with senko” (2019).

#18 Nika Rozman

Nika Rozman

It is impossible not to notice the top Slovenian beauty Nika Rozman! She is a recognized actress award for her roles in film and theater. Rozman’s first significant role was Shakespeare’s Juliet immediately after she graduated from the Academy of Theatre in Ljubljana. Nika played Ophelia in Shakespeare’s Hamlet and then appeared in numerous short and feature films. Nika Rozman gained popularity thanks to the Slovenian public and her significant role as blonde model Mia in the horror film “The Killers”.

#19 Nina Ivanišin

Nina Ivanišin

Nina Ivanisin is a famous Slovenian actress known for the films “Slovenka”, “Idila” and “Love Installation”. Ivanisin has appeared in several Slovenian and foreign films. At the moment, the woman is a member of the National Drama Theater in Ljubljana. Nina received several awards for her performances including the Slovenian Film Festival and the Girona Film Festival. From 2017 to 2019, Nina Ivanisin starred in 10 episodes of the series “V Dvoje”.

#20 Nina Rakovec

Nina Rakovec

Nina Rakovec was born in Kranj, Slovenia where she attended high school. Nina first encountered theater in her second year of theater studies. Soon, the beauty got an episodic role in the series “Hotel One and a Half Stars”. During her studies, a girl took an active part in various projects outside the Academy. Nina Rakovec starred in several short films: “Administrator”, “Our Trieste” and “Srechko”.

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#21 Sasa Pavlin Stosic

Sasa Pavlin Stosic

Being born in Serbia, Sasa has Slovenian roots. This is a hot and outspoken theater and film actress. Sasa Pavlin Stosic became famous for the films “Spremembe” (2016), “Vandima” (2012) and “Tales: Now You Are, Now You’re Gone” (2015).

#22 Pia Zemljic

Pia Zemljic

Pia Zemljic is a stunning Slovenian beauty. The actress was born April 6, 1975, in Slovenj Gradec, Yugoslavia. Pia Zemljic is a talented actress known for the films “Night Fun”, “Rooster Breakfast” and “Varukh Meye”.

#23 Tina Potocnik

Tina Potocnik

Tina Potocnik is a unique Slovenian film actress. A Slavic diva began performing on the professional stage at the City Theater of Ljubljana in 2012. The actress became famous for the films “Jasek”, “Trst je nas!” and “Skriti remember Angela Voda”. For her recent roles in the Academy of Mr. Martin Tina, she received the Student Preseren award.

#24 Tjasa Zeleznik

Tjasa Zeleznik

Tjasa Zeleznik is a unique Slovenia beautiful woman. This lady was born in the capital Ljubljana. The actress and writer is known for the films: “Enemy of the Class”, and “Slink Mansion”. Tjasa Zeleznik played three main female roles in the film “Kratki Sticki” (2006).

#25 Vesna Jevnikar

Vesna Jevnikar

We must not forget about the name of the sweet Slovenian woman Vesna Jevnikar. Vesna is among the hottest women of Slovenia who gained popularity thanks to the breathtaking films “Maya and the Star Boy”, “What a Sun” and “Nas Klovek” (1985).


If you are lucky to meet beautiful Slovenian women, then you are on a way! Be proactive enough to get this golden woman! Relationships with Slovenian ladies promise to be relaxed and stable.


Who Is the Most Famous Slovenian?

Ajda Smrekar took first place in our today’s list of beautiful Slovenian women. One can only envy her beauty and talents. If you are seeking a similar woman for marriage, then choose a type similar to Ajda!

Are Slovenian Women Known for Their Beauty?

Slovenian beauties are considered to be one of the most beautiful women on the planet. You can look at the photos of these amazing beauties to make sure of their unearthly beauty!

What Does a Typical Slovenian Look Like?

Slovenians look like any other typical Central European citizens. One way or another, they have Slavic roots and this cannot be taken away. Actually, the Slovenes look like most immigrants from Bavaria or Austria.

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