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Hot Ukraine women have always been distinguished by their natural beauty. Also, Ukrainian beauties were recognized by deep intelligence and ability to create comfort and harmony inside of the family. These qualities often attract Western men who want to choose beautiful Ukraine girls.

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Women From Ukraine: Characteristics

Most American and even some European women cannot compare to the beauty of Ukrainian babes. Beautiful girls put their career and other interests first but beautiful Ukraine women can combine everything. This is perhaps one of the significant characteristics that are valued in a truly beautiful Ukraine woman.

One way or another, it’s rare to find sexy Ukraine women for whom family values ​​play no role. Let’s say more, many clients of marriage agencies are purposefully looking for gorgeous Ukraine women. Some following the example of successful marriages of friends go in search of a companion among Ukraine babes.

All foreign guests welcome the beauty of Ukraine hot women. After all, only gorgeous Ukraine girls go to work with great accentuating makeup. Feminine dresses, trendy hairstyles and popular makeup are the daily norm for beautiful women of Ukraine and a rarity for overseas ladies. In the end, sexy Ukraine girls are always to the taste of foreign suitors.

Meet Your Beautiful Ukrainian women

Top 25 Most Beautiful Ukrainian women

#1 Dasha Astafyeva

Dasha Astafyeva

Dasha Astafieva is one of the most attractive hot Ukraine models. Dasha belongs to the number of hot Ukraine babes. Astafieva is the standard of Ukrainian beauty and femininity. At the age of 16, Dasha participated in the “Miss Dnepropetrovsk” beauty contest where a pretty Ukrainian lady made useful acquaintances. A colleague advised the Ukrainian lady to make a professional model portfolio. Daria then went to the photographer and besides standard photos, she took a number of nude shots.

#2 Anna Sedokova

Anna Sedokova

Anna Sedokova belongs to Ukraine sexy women and can boast of excellent external data. The glory of a beautiful Ukrainian woman was brought by participation in the musical band “VIA Gra”. Then a Ukrainian lady went through a tough selection at the castings: out of 200 applicants, this Ukrainian beauty was chosen. However, the girl did not stay in the trio for a long time and after a rapid rise up she returned to television. A beautiful young Ukrainian woman combined her work with studies at the university. However, working days did not prevent Anna from getting a red diploma.

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#3 Nastia Kamenskyh

Nastia Kamenskuh

Nastia Kamensky belongs to pretty Ukraine girls. Nastia is a stunningly beautiful owner of bright clear vocals. The Ukrainian girl is extremely popular in Ukraine and abroad. A Ukrainian woman has been recognized as the most young beautiful woman more than once. Anastasia received a million-strong army of fans not only thanks to her chic forms but due to her talent, naturalness and strong charisma. Nastia Kamenskih loves to try on a variety of crazy images as a true Ukrainian woman.

#4 Vera Brezhneva

Vera Brezhneva

Vera Brezhneva belongs to the face of Ukraine women hot. She is admired by millions of fans. June 2002 became fateful for Brezhneva. One day, pop “VIA Gra” band came to Dnepropetrovsk with a concert. That day, Vera visited Monastery Island and was invited to sing a song with the vocalists. Since then, Vera has been enlisted in the legendary Ukrainian female group. To attract such beauty you need to be persistent as you have never been!

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#5 Masha Efrosinina

Masha Efrosinina

Masha Efrosinina is one of the beautiful women from Ukraine. A Ukrainian woman Masha has an excellent temperament and charisma. Masha Efrosinina has beautiful and sophisticated body shapes. Maria cannot be overlooked in society. Moreover, she is recognized by thousands of fans on the street. Maria is very popular with her outfits, lifestyle and income level. Also, her political spouse is discussed in the media. Efrosinina uses her publicity as a resource for charitable projects.

#6 Nadya Dorofeeva (DODO)

Nadya Dorofeeva

Ukrainian beautiful woman Nadia Dorofeeva entered the list of Ukraine beauty girls with high fashion trends. The creative biography of the Ukrainian woman Nadia began at the age of 15 when the Ukrainian girl was invited to join the M.Ch.S. girl trio performing youth pop hits. After the selection, an audition took place in Kyiv. As a result, the musician chose Nadya Dorofeeva. A Ukrainian woman joined Alexei Zavgorodniy performing under the pseudonym “Pozitiv”. So their popular pop duet “ Vremia i Steklo” was formed.

#7 Elena Kravets

Elena Kravets

Elena Kravets is a well-known Ukrainian comedian and actress. Elena is not only a pretty Ukrainian woman but a participant in the famous show “Studio Kvartal-95”. After graduating from school, she entered the Kryvyi Rih Economic Institute, a branch of the Kyiv National Economic University. When a KVN team was organized at the university where Elena studied, a Ukrainian woman entered it and showed herself from the best side. The talented Ukrainian girl showed parodies, wrote and performed jokes and participated in team numbers.

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#8 Olga Kurylenko

Olga Kurylenko

Olga Kurylenko is ahot Ukrainian woman. Olga is a French-Ukrainian model and actress who has conquered Hollywood and the whole world. Olga starred in “Macho Dirty”, “November Man” and “Water Seeker”. Still, this is not a complete list of film projects with her participation in partnership with top division stars.

#9 Ani Lorak (Carolina Kuek)

Ani Lorak

From an early age, the creative Ukrainian woman Carolina Kuek hid from the hardships and aggression of the outside world. A future star began to sing at the age of 4. Then, a Ukrainian woman began to show her voice at school and local talent competitions In 1992, Carolina Kuek became the winner of the local-scale festival “Primrose” after which a hot Ukrainian woman signed the contract and began to present herself as a professional singer.

#10 Mika Newton (Oksana Hrytsai)

Mika Newton

Mika was raised in a family of musicians (real name – Oksana Hrytsay). Since childhood, a Ukrainian diva has mastered playing the piano at a music school. In parallel, Mika Newton (Oksana) was engaged in vocals. A Ukrainian woman began her stage life in 1995. In 2001, Mika Newton moved to the capital where she entered the Kyiv State College of Variety and Circus Art. In college, a Ukrainian beauty studied at the faculty of pop vocals.

#11 Zlata Ognevich

Zlata Ognevich

Zlata Ohnevych is an intellectual and a beautiful Ukrainian woman of Russian origin. After graduating from school, Zlata entered the R. M. Glier Music College and moved to the capital of Ukraine. When it came time to choose a university, the applicant entered 2 higher educational institutions: the Music Institute with a degree in jazz vocals and the National Aviation University at the Faculty of Psychology. In addition to studying, Zlata Ohnevych managed to work in the State Song and Dance Ensemble of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. After graduating from a music institute, the Ukrainian woman changed and began performing in solo projects.

#12 Liliya Podkopayeva

Liliya Podkopayeva

Liliya Podkopayeva is the Ukrainian absolute world champion in artistic gymnastics, the winner of the continental championship, and the gold medalist of the 1996 Olympics. The future Olympic champion began gymnastics at the age of five when her grandmother brought her to the Dynamo society hall. The debut competition in the international arena took place in 1993. At the age of 15 a beautiful Ukrainian woman went to her first world championship. The young Ukrainian woman managed to reach the final, however, due to an error during the performance, she was the last one.

#13 Julia Sanina

Julia Sanina

Julia Sanina (real name Julia Golovan) is a famous Ukrainian singer, and frontwoman of the English-speaking band “The Hardkiss”, a Ukrainian author of many lyrics and music. Julia Sanina was born in a family of musicians. From an early age, a beautiful Ukrainian woman studied music and vocals. Already at the age of three, little Julia sang for the first time on stage accompanied by an ensemble led by her father. As a teenager, she repeatedly became a laureate of prestigious vocal competitions: both Ukrainian and international.

#14 Olga Sumska

Olga Sumska

Olga Sumska is a beautiful Ukrainian woman of high ambitions. In 1997, the finest hour struck in the creative life of an actress named Olga. A beautiful Ukrainian woman played the role of Roksolana in the series of the same name and woke up famous the day after the premiere. Later, the Ukrainian woman starred in two sequels to this historical picture. Finally, she secured the honorary title of the best performer in the role of the Sultan’s favorite concubine.

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#15 Regina Todorenko

Regina Todorenko

Rehina Todorenko is an irresistible Ukrainian female TV presenter, singer-songwriter, composer and designer. Energetic beauty Rehina literally burst onto the screens as the host of a popular travel show. Mrs. Todorenko quickly won the love of the public and made a career on television. Besides her TV career, a pretty Ukrainian artist develops her own projects which allowed a woman to make a brilliant career as a blogger.

#16 Elina Svitolina

Elina Svitolina

Elina Svitolina is a hot, famous and professional Ukrainian athlete who is determined to conquer the tennis Olympus. Fans like the focus and positive attitude of the Ukrainian girl to every match. Elina’s very first winning tournament was the ITF competition in Kharkiv in October 2008. Elina’s serious sports biography began with a victory at the French junior championship in 2010.

#17 Olesya Stefanko

Olesya Stefanko

Beautiful Ukrainian woman Olesya Stefanko was born in a picturesque place in Western Ukraine in the village of Kovalivka, Ivano-Frankivsk region. A woman remembers her childhood as bright, unforgettable and most beautiful.

Despite her romantic image, Olesya’s profession is very serious. The Ukrainian girl was studying at the Institute of Prosecution and Investigation in Odesa Law Academy.

Additionally, western women is a professional Ukrainian model. There are many shootings for world and Ukrainian magazines in her arsenal, as well as cooperation with famous brands. Olesya is of a delicate Ukrainian nature indeed. In her free time, she does vocals and writes poetry.

#18 Maryna Petrenko

Maryna Petrenko

Maryna Petrenko is a charming Ukrainian woman. From an early age, the Ukrainian girl clearly showed artistic talent. When Maryna was six, her mother took the girl to a ballroom dancing school. Maryna was not there as Ukrainian ladies suspected the baby of a predisposition to be overweight. Having become a little sad, the girl began to study music at the Simferopol School of Arts having mastered the intricacies of playing the piano. In 2009, the first film “On the Game” with the participation of Petrenko was released, and the next – “On the Game-2. Both parts became popular not only in Ukraine but in the USA.

#19 Alexandra Nikolaenko

Alexandra Nikolaenko

Alexandra Nikolaenko is an attractive Ukrainian top model, TV presenter and actress. Alexandra became the owner of the titles “Miss Odesa-2001”, and “Miss Ukraine – South-2001”, and also became the winner of the national XI beauty contest “Miss Ukraine”. Ms. Nikolaenko is a finalist in “Miss Universe 2001” and “Miss American Dream 2001” along with Miss Tourism International 2002. Alexandra is also the founder of the “Miss Ukraine Universe” beauty pageant.

#20 Snezhana Onopko

Snezhana Onopko

Snezhana Onopko is an amazing Ukrainian supermodel. She walks in the best shows in New York, Milan and Paris. Her face appeared on the covers of Numero and Italian Vogue magazines. Charming Ukrainian dreamed of becoming successful model since childhood. After school, when the girl turned 18, the Ukrainian began to actively break into the fashion industry.

#21 Daria Verbova

Daria Verbova

Beautiful Daria is a Canadian top model with Ukrainian roots. At 13, Daria Verbova was a tall, thin teenager with an athletic figure. The hot Ukrainian did not even think about a modeling career. It all happened by accident: the girl was noticed by the director of a modeling agency in Toronto. However, success came when Daria was 20. She was noticed during the autumn-winter 2003-2004 shows.

#22 Oksana Marchenko

Oksana Marchenko

Attractive Ukrainian Oksana Marchenko became the face of the social entertainment show “My Profession”. On account of the Ukrainian host is the author’s program “Oksana Marchenko’s Show”. During a show, a Ukrainian woman provided real assistance to the guests of the studio who found themselves in a difficult life situation.

#23 Tina Karol (Tetiana Liberman)

Tina Karol

Tina Karol is the most outstanding Ukrainian star. The female artist is actively involved in charitable activities. She gives concerts which are attended by thousands of fans. Tina became the face of major brands.

The Ukrainian singer’s career developed rapidly. In 2006, Tina (Tetiana Liberman) took part in the Eurovision Song Contest in Greece. The Ukrainian artist successfully passed the qualifying round in the country and represented Ukraine at the competition. The incendiary performance of the song “Show Me Your Love” captivated millions of viewers.

#24 Diana Kovalchuk

Diana Kovalchuk

Hot sweetie Diana started her modeling career at a very young age. The Ukrainian girl managed to do this at the age of 14 in the Kyiv modeling agency Line-12. At that time, the agency collaborated with the Red Stars affiliate agency. Later, the Ukrainian model shared first place at the Elite Model Look final with Olga Otrokhova. In 1996, she won first place at the international final of the Elite Model Look contest in Nice.

#25 Katheryn Winnick

Katheryn Winnick

Katheryn Winnick is a Canadian actress of Ukrainian origin. The Ukrainian celebrity is fluent in Ukrainian as she spoke it until the age of eight. Katheryn studied acting at the William Esper Studio in New York. She starred in many films produced by Paramount Pictures and in 2010, the Ukrainian played in the comedy “Killers” directed by Robert Luketich.

Conclusion about beautiful Ukrainian women

Having got acquainted with beautiful Ukrainian women, we can draw only one conclusion: These women are really very beautiful! Among Slavic women, you will see only bright and charismatic personalities with a sharp intellect and beautiful appearance.


How Can I Impress a Ukrainian Girl?

To win the heart of a Ukrainian woman, you need to show yourself from the best side. These Slavic ladies also prefer enterprising and pleasant men.

Who Is the Most Beautiful Girl in the Country of Ukraine?

Dasha Astafieva is considered the hottest Ukrainian diva. Like it or not, she is the face of the cover of Playboy and a multiple winner of beauty contests.

What Does a Typical Ukrainian Look Like?

Among the Ukrainian females, you will find fair-haired and dark-haired, brown-eyed and light-eyed. Most Ukrainian women beautiful are often of different build and middle age.

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Ukraine Date, Badoo, Tinder, and Mamba.

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