Romanian Ladies: How to Win Their Heart & Characteristics

Beauty is a terrible force. This is the motto of all Eastern Europeans especially beautiful Romanian women. Typically, Romanian women’s most unique features in appearance and character are inherent. Western wife seekers are interested in choosing Romania beauties as they captivate them with sophistication and femininity.

Are Romanian women pretty? Of course! These beautiful Romanian ladies are constantly working on themselves both from the inside and outside. They constantly try to improve their Romanian beauty. However, Romanian females can hardly be called empty. Genetically Romanian babes are not too different from their Slavic neighbors even though this may seem so at first glance. Such genetic similarity is not reflected in a native language. In other words, Romania beautiful woman may seem like a Slav but you should not equate their cultures! Romanian women are beautiful in their own way and there’s no denying that.

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Pretty Romanian Girls Characteristics


From an early age, women from Romania are raised to be independent. Romanian beauties value education, work hard and build a career independently. For Romanian females, self-realization is very important. As for married Romanian women beautiful, they work on an equal footing with men. As a rule, local parents sit with children. Yet if this is not possible, children are sent to kindergarten. Beautiful Romanians grew up on this model of the local family. Romania wives won’t wait for their husbands to hammer a nail into the wall while they lounge on the couch watching TV shows!


A beautiful Romanian woman is no less caring towards her family. Romania women live their lives. This is a huge benefit for their character. Sexy Romanian women are very devoted to their partners and families.


In Romania, romance does not disappear even after the birth of children. So beautiful Romanian women always strive to look their best for their husbands. Of course, there are exceptions among Romanias.

Excellent Cooks

Romania women cook well as they are taught this from an early age. They also have a natural talent for pairing drinks with meals. Local dishes look like they’re served in restaurants!


Hot Romanian women usually marry late. Beautiful Romanian singles prioritize getting an education building a career. Only then, they think about marriage, unlike Russians or Ukrainians who dream of a wedding dress from the age of 6. As local girls enter into serious relationships later in life, they remain avid party girls and party-goers. After marriage, everything changes: a Romanian woman focuses her attention on caring for her family.

Meet Your Beautiful Romanian women

Dating Romanian Women Tips

Learn a Few Romanian Phrases

Beautiful Romanian women will be glad if you greet them in their native language on the very first date. This will show respect and good manners on the male side.

Explore Her Romanian Hometown

Besides information about her country, learn a few facts about her beautiful Romanian hometown. Bucharest is the largest city in Romania. You will see many picturesque places on the Black Sea coast.

Be Traditional

Beautiful Romanian girls are more traditional than women who grew up in America or Western Europe, for example. This means that your beautiful Romanian lady would prefer a longer courtship with a quick connection. If you are looking for a serious relationship and are thinking about meeting a beautiful Romanian for marriage, then avoid physical contact during the first date! There is nothing surprising if a Romanian woman will take the first step. Try not to insist on intimacy from the very beginning, otherwise a charming Romanian lady may think that you are only interested in sex. Romanian girls will be pleasantly surprised if you do it slowly. It is important for them to understand thatthey arenot just a toy in men’s hands.

Dress Appropriately

Like many Eastern European ladies, Romanian ladies tend to dress well. Local women like to look feminine and stylish. You must match the elegant outfit of a beautiful Romanian young lady. Remember: if you are dating an irresistible woman, then renew your wardrobe with the latest fashion trends. Go to a boutique and ask a stylist for help.

Manifestation of Gentlemanship

Don’t forget to be masculine: help her to open the door or hold her coat. Offer a hand to her to keep your beautiful Romanian lady holding if she is wearing high heels. One way or another, gallantry is highly valued by Romanian women.

Top 25 Most Beautiful Romanian Girls

#1 Beatrice Chirita

Beatrice Chirita

Beatrice Chirita is a stunningly beautiful Romanian model. She conquered the podium while still very young. Now the Romanian woman is the face of the underwear show due to which she has become even more popular. Height – 174 cm, bust – 88, waist – 61, hips – 90.

#2 Monica Gabor

Monica Gabor

Monica Gabor was born into a Roman Catholic family. Her mother was Veronica Boulay. She was married and has a daughter with businessman Irinel Colombian, with whom she starred in the Monica Colombian show. In the meantime, Monica completed her studies at the Faculty of Communications and Public Relations at SNSPA.

#3 Roxana Tanase

Roxana Tanase

Roxana Tanase is a very beautiful Romanian woman. Besides being the most popular Romanian actress, Roxana starred in photo shoots for Playboy magazines. No a Romanian lady can compete with the fantastic appearance of the Romanian Roxana Tanase. For this reason, the Romanian woman hits our today’s rating of the most beautiful European women.

#4 Maria Dinulescu

Maria Dinulescu

Maria Dinulescu is a famous Romanian actress of contemporary theater and cinema. The Romanian lady graduated from the University of Theater Arts and Cinematography. She played her first role in the film “Floare alba, floare neagra”. At the moment, the Romanian woman is a Member of the European Film Academy and a jury member of the Emmy Awards, USA.

#5 Madalina Ghenea

Madalina Ghenea

Madalina Diana Ghenea is a hot and no less attractive Romanian actress, fashion model and dancer. When the Romanian beauty was only 15, she decided to become an actress. Madalina’s performing and modeling show has taken place in different countries. Madalina collaborates with several fashion manufacturers, especially Quell and New Yorker. Media turned attention to a charming Romanian woman when she played in “Tempo Tra Do Di Noi”. Now her works are widely recognized throughout the world.

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#6 Gina Pistol

Gina Pistol

Gina Pistol broke into the Romanian porn industry and attracted the attention of many male fans. Gina Pistol is a hot Romanian female film actress and TV presenter. Gina graduated from the Romanian School of Arts and Crafts. In 2006, the Romanian beauty played in the films: “Oh, Ramona!” (2019), “Iubire si onoare” (2010). Now Gina is married to singer Andrei Maria (Smiley).

#7 Laura Cosoi

Laura Cosoi

Laura Cosoi is a charming and charismatic Romanian theater and film actress. A Romanian diva graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy and Social Work of the Alexandru Ion Cuza University in Iasi. In 2002, the Romanian played her debut role in the TV series “Block”. Laura also took part in the theater plays “Nottara” and “Elizabeth” in Bucharest. Laura is married to Kosmin Kurtikapian and has two daughters.

#8 Diana Moldovan

Diana Moldovan

A beautiful Romanian lady named Diana Moldavan gained fame very quickly. The 30-year-old woman is a popular mannequin seen in many commercials such as Dior, H&M, Carolina Herrera, Armani Beauty and more. Diana Maldovan is the hottest lady. She also has been seen in several fashion companies such as Mugler, Emilp Pucci, Chloe, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Kenzo, Anteprima and Vionnet.

#9 Antonia Iacobescu

Antonia Iacobescu

Antonia Clara Iacobescu (better known as ANTONIA) is a beautiful Romanian singer and model rolled into one. Antonia lived and grew up in Utah and Las Vegas, Nevada. There a girl graduated from high school and entered the modeling world. Antonia has been featured in hundreds of catalog photo shoots with major US agencies such as Lenz and Ford Models. In addition, ANTONIA launched her clothing line called MOJA.

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#10 Ana Morariu

Ana Morariu

In 2002, the Romanian actress Morariu received a diploma from the Experimental Center for Cinematography. In the same year, the Romanian beauty made her debut in the theater. Then, she began working in the Romanian television and film industry. In 2006, Ana Morariu starred in the film “My Best Enemy”. For the role in this film, the Romanian actress was nominated for the David di Donatello Award in the Best Actress nomination.

#11 Catrinel Menghia

Catrinel Menghia

Catrinel Menghia is a fairly good mannequin in the fashion business. She set up her career at the age of 16. Catrinel is amazingly beautiful with her perfect looks. Since many fashion manufacturers wanted to collaborate with this Romanian charmer, she has repeatedly taken part in the filming of Lise Charmel, FHM, Maxim, etc. Catrinel soon received numerous awards and fame for her works. At the age of 17, a girl began working on television. She joined model Krypton Romanian and starred in many musical films.

#12 Paula Seling

Paula Seling

From the age of six, a significant Romanian woman, Paula Seling studied piano. In 2002, Paula signed with Roton Records after winning the Golden Stag Festival. In 2002, the beautiful Romanian won “Best Singer” and “Best Music Video” Romanian MTV nominations. In 2005, Paula Seling along with her father and brother launched Unicorn Records Romania record label.

#13 Corina Ungureanu

Corina Ungureanu

Corina Georgiana Ungureanu is a world class professional athlete competed internationally. Corina was a member of two world championship gold medal teams and the 1998 European champion on floor exercise. Ungureanu started gymnastics at the Petrolul Ploieşti club in Ploieşti but trained most of the time in Bucharest under Leana Sima.

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#14 Nadia Comăneci

Nadia Comăneci

Nadia Comaneci became the first athletic woman to score 10 points in an Olympic gymnastics competition. Her performance at the Olympics changed both her athletic expectations and the public’s expectations of female athletes. At the Olympic Games, Romanian athlete Comaneci won gold medals in balance beam and floor exercises.

#15 Malvina Cervenschi

Malvina Cervenschi

Malvina Cervenschi is a charming Romanian entrepreneur. The girl was born in Bucharest. A Romanian entrepreneur became known for owning and designing her jewelry line called “Malvensky”. Romanian girl Malvina successfully shares her design work through the website of the same name as well as through her Instagram profile which has more than 80,000 followers.

#16 Andreea Raicu

Andreea Raicu

Andrea Raicu is a talented and high-ranking director of Romanian Television. The Romanian debutante has won several important Apoi model competitions on television. Andrea Raicu is perceived as a fashion icon, propagandist of style and good taste in clothes. Andrea is a stylist for the most popular fashion magazines. A Romanian diva has launched collections with a wide range of Romanian designers promoting fashion and design projects.

#17 Alexandra Dinu

Alexandra Dinu

Alexandra Dinu is a famous actress known for the films “De Serpentis Munere”, “Second-Hand”, “Garcea si oltenii” and “Examen”. Alexandra’s first television appearance was as a presenter on a program for Romanian TVR 2 and shortly thereafter for TVR 1. In 2001, Dinu starred in “Garcea si oltenii”. Alexandra was also a presenter on the Parma TV channel.

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#18 Nicoleta Luciu

Nicoleta Luciu

Nicoleta Luciu is a talanted actress, nice singer and striking TV presenter. After Nicoleta won the Miss Romania contest in 1999, she began to appear in magazines: Playboy, Iveco, Pro TV Magazin, Vivre, etc. In 2012, the Romanian beauty became the co-host of “The Voice of Romania”. In 2014, Warner Bros Animation chose a celebrity to dub in “The Lego Movie”.

#19 Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu (INNA)

Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu

INNA is a famous Romanian singer and dancer (real name – Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu). Inna became the first European woman to reach 1 billion views on YouTube. Inna has sold over 3 million albums worldwide. She is the richest musician in Romania. Inna also has number 1 hits in the world. Her most popular songs are Hot, 10 Minutes, Good Time, Take Me Higher and More Than Friends.

#20 Oana Paveluc

Oana Paveluc

Oana Pavelyuk is a flamboyant owner of the beauty pageant title and was crowned as “Miss Universe Romania 2010”. Soon, Alexandra Catalina Philip was deposed from the “throne”. A woman categorically refused to sign a contract with the Miss Universe Organization (MUO). The contract included a clause that the winner of the Miss Universe 2010 contest should move to New York and enter into a contract with Donald Trump for a period of one year.

#21 Claudia Pavel

Claudia Pavel

Claudia Pavel is a charismatic and unique Romanian woman. She is also known as Claudia Krim or simply Krim. Claudia is a Romanian pop singer and dancer. Pavel has a number of hit music albums and music singles that are considered one of the most successful and popular.

#22 Bianca Elena Constantin

Bianca Elena Constantin

Bianca is a stunning model who was born for the catwalk. Elena Konstantin is the owner of a beautiful figure and a perfect body. Her cute features do not make men remain indifferent. Bianca is known for her participation in the Miss Universe Pageant in 2009.

#23 Mihaela Rădulescu

Mihaela Rădulescu

Mihaela Radulescu is a talented TV star, creative director and moderator of radio and TV shows, documentary filmmaker and film actress. In 2015-2018, Mihaela was one of the jury members of the show “Romanians Have Talent” (Pro TV) and “a New Beginning” with Christy Bozgan.

#24 Ruxandra Barau

Ruxandra Barau

Ruxandra Barau is another talented Romanian artist. The girl is a musical performer. She has an appetizing shape and attractive facial features. Ruxandra has ideal model parameters with a height of 172 cm.

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#25 Monica Barladeanu

Monica Barladeanu

Monica Barladeanu went to a local high school to prepare for her future career as a kindergarten teacher. Nevertheless, the girl rethought her life. A year before graduation she was transferred to another university for in-depth study to enter the university at the Faculty of Law.

Iasi University has always been known for its competitiveness. In 2002, Monica was named the most beautiful Romanian celebrity by the magazine “Beau Monde”. She was chosen as the “Sexiest TV Star” and the most influential Romanian TV guide “TV Mania”.


Romanian women are among the hottest and beautiful females. Today, you met the most attractive and charming ladies from Romania. Every Romanian is beautiful and unique in her own way. Such a woman can be a great friend and a good wife.


Are Romanian Women the Most Attractive?

Based on reviews from Western suitors and general opinion from the stronger sex, Romanian women are quite attractive. By nature, Romanian women can attract attention not only due to their charming appearance but the ability to show charisma.

Who Is the Most Beautiful Girl in Romania?

Beatrice Chirita today leads the list of the hottest and most beautiful women. Looking at her attractive photos, you can not take your eyes off. This beauty from Romania deserves the attention of each man.

How Can I Impress a Romanian Girl?

To impress a Romania lady, you need to be on top. Avoid criticism and pettiness showing your respect and gallantry. Plan ahead for your romantic date so you don’t screw up. All in all, Romania girls love tactful men.

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