Beautiful Chinese Women of All Times: Choose Your gorgeous beauty girl

Beautiful Chinese women still rock the fashion and movie industries. Stunning models, actresses, and singers shine on screens, making men hold their breath and dream about romantic dates with ladies from the enigmatic Celestial Empire.

“The best part of beauty is that which no picture can express.”

Sir Francis Bacon

Who are they, and how do they look? The following list includes famous Chinese actresses and other celebrities with perfect appearances and other merits particular to this nation.

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Top 25 Most Beautiful Chinese Women

Name Age Weight (kg) Body sizes
Breast-Waist-Hips (inches)
Marital Status
Yang Mi 37 45 32-24-35 Single
Ayi Jihu 38 45 N/A Single
Bobo Gan 36 45 32-24-33 Single
Chrissie Chau 37 40 31-24-35 Single
Liu Shishi 35 45 33-24-35 Married
Li Cheng Yuan 36 44 N/A Single
Liu Yifei 35 48 32-23-33 Single
Zhang Yuqi 36 48 32-24-34 Divorced
Jia 33 44 34-24-35 Single
Wang Likun 37 46 30-23-32 Single
Zhang Xinyu 35 54 32-24-33 Married
Wang Fei Fei 35 47 32-24-34 Single
Victoria Song 35 46 31-23-34 Single
Zhang Zilin 38 58 34-24.5-35 Married
Angelababy 33 45 31-22-34 Single
Wenwen Han 27 46 29-21-31 Single
Guan Xiaotong 25 45 32-24-33 Single
Xu Jiao 25 43 29-23-30 Single
Li Qin 32 42 32-23-33 Single
Wu Qian 30 45 35-24-36 Divorced
Lin Yun 26 48 32-23-33 Single
Yang Zi 30 50 34-25-35 Engaged
Karena Ng 29 N/A N/A In relationship
Zhou Dongyu 30 38 32-24-34 Single
Guli Nazha 30 50 32-24-35 Single

1. Yang Mi

Yang Mi

A miniature Chinese girl started her glorious career in 1990 when beautiful Asian girl was 4. The historical TV Tang Ming Huang boosted the woman’s talent and made her famous for years. Today, the Chinese woman wins men’s hearts, drawing attention with her unfading beauty and perfect body shape. A creative and sensual lady paints beautiful pictures and writes insightful poems.

2. Ayi Jihu

Ayi Jihu

A gorgeous and intelligent Chinese singer has demonstrated a passion for dancing since 4 years old. Her journey to stardom began in a small village. Now, the Chinese diva is a major international star of R&B and the first independent musician highly recognizable in the western world. Chinese has traveled a tortuous path, constantly facing her compatriots’ misunderstandings. Still, she is a cultural ambassador now, involved in charity and philanthropy.

3. Bobo Gan (Gan Ting Ting)

Bobo Gan

Chinese model was exposed to singing and acting early and kept her credo through the years, entering, learning, and graduating from the Central Academy of Drama. Thus, Chinese singer Edith Piaf made her way to the movie, TV, stage, and radio industries and became a real star after appearing as Pan Jinlian in the series All Men Are Brothers. However, her best role was in the Vietnam-China movie Hanoi.

4. Chrissie Chau

Chrissie Chau

A Chinese fashion model has reached significant success due to the release of her portrait albums in 2009 and 2010. Then, her talents earned her a performance on the runway, on TV, and big screen. Dancing Heart, Young and Dangerous: Reloaded, and Moonlight Resonance is her most prominent TV dramas.

5. Liu Shishi

Liu Shishi

The Chinese girl finished the Beijing Dance Academy, majoring in Ballet, but chose acting as her primary occupation. She made her excellent acting debut in the period drama Scarlet Heart in 2011. After that, Asian beautiful woman rose to fame as a serious and deep actress. Chinese women left TV series behind and started acting in realistic movies notable for their challenging and nurturing plots.

6. Li Cheng Yuan (Ivy Li)

Li Cheng Yuan

While looking for unusually alluring and talented Chinese women, you cannot miss Li Cheng Yuan. She started modeling for a tea brand marketing campaign and made her big-screen bow in a couple of years. Today she continues to act and perform as a folk dancer, classical dancer, and show host. She also plays piano and likes reading books and listening to music. In addition, she participates in commercially successful Hollywood films and should appear in upcoming HBO series.

 7. Liu Yifei

Liu Yifei

Born Crystal Liu, the girl, has changed her name several times. A daughter of highly intelligent and influential Chinese parents lived in New York for four years. She returned home to gain phenomenal acting success in 2010. She speaks several languages and prefers to spend most of the time with her numerous cats.

8. Zhang Yuqi

Zhang Yuqi

While thinking about Chinese women, you should consider Zhang one of the highest-paid actresses and the most intelligent and creative ladies of the 2000s. After performing in Stephen Chow’s CJ7 movie, beautiful woman Asian has starred in other hits like The Mermaid and Legend of the Demon Cat. Now, the Chinese owns a studio and devotes much time to playing with her pets, eating dumplings, and having quality hours with close people.

9. Jia

Meng Jia

Jia on the scene and Meng Jia in real life is a talented and beautiful woman who was noted and chosen by an audition held at her school. This way, she appeared on the Banana Culture Music channel. A former member of the K-Pop band Miss A started her solo career in 2018. The Chinese woman likes eating rice noodles and shopping in the MyeongDeong mall. The woman is very communicative, confident, and independent and prefers to interact with smart and non-standard personalities.

10. Wang Likun

Wang Likun

The Chinese celebrity is famous for starring in booming TV shows and movies like Beauty’s Rival in Palace, Seven Swordsmen, and Somewhere Only We Know. Besides, she successfully graduated from the Beijing Dance Academy. One of the most beautiful Chinese women prefers poker, video games, and hiking to hanging out with friends in nightclubs. And although the actress tries to keep in shape, beautiful young Asian cannot resist donuts and ice cream.

11. Zhang Xinyu (Viann Zhang)

Zhang Xinyu

Although the beautiful girl graduated from the Wuxi University of Commerce, she has always dreamed about an acting career. Viann Zhang played life-changing roles in movies like Love Advanced Customization (2020), The Investiture of the Gods (2014), and Magic Card (2015). In addition, one of the most recognized beautiful Chinese ladies and iconic celebrities participate in numerous romantic dramas and TV shows. She is also famous for her tasty photos and recipes of her cooking on Weibo.

12. Wang Fei Fei (Fei)

Wang Fei Fei

A former member of a girl band Miss A from South Korea, the Chinese is also popular as a model advertising model for Samsung Anycall China. She is also known for her roles in TV variety shows and KBS dramas. She also has good dancing and cooking skills. A creative and beautiful female also released a solo album called “Fantasy.” Now, she participates in radio shows, hosts events, and boasts effective music video appearances.

13. Victoria Song

Victoria Song

A stunning woman who specialized in ethnic dancing has developed a creative career up to a performer and a commercial advertiser. Now, a beautiful K-pop star is modeling for renowned labels and signing with a successful girls’ band. Celebrity is in high demand in the Chinese and international beauty and fashion industries. A beautiful Chinese lady is widely known for her bright style, a fusion of Asian and European designers.

14. Zhang Zilin

Zhang Zilin

Miss China World in 2007 gained interest in acting in her early years. However, the woman has tried herself in several industries before succeeding in the movie industry. Thus, the Chinese finished the Beijing University of Science and Technology and won the “Sports Advance Distinction Award” in 2005. Still, acting has captured her heart and mind forever. Today, a beautiful actress is happily married and has a kid. She prefers Canada to other countries and likes eating donuts.

 15. Angelababy

Angela baby

The Chinese had focused on fashion since childhood when her father owned a clothing business. A young Chinese lady spent hours in his store, trying various clothes, footwear, and accessories. So, she was enticed to be in this niche. As a result, she signed her first modeling contract in adolescents in Hong Kong. After that, she appeared in numerous movies, TV shows, and music clips. Besides, she released many authentic singles, which were notable for appealing and highly-professional performances.

16. Wenwen Han

Wenwen Han

Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, Wenwen Han became infamous overnight after hitting the Hollywood film industry by playing the role of Meiying in the “The Karate Kid” movie remake in 2010. A beautiful and talented woman is fluent in Mandarin and English languages. The woman performed a dance in many European countries. In addition, she played the violin at the most high-profile concerts in China. However, the woman doesn’t say much about her love life. Instead, she advocates for animal protection and volunteers in an animal shelter in Xi’an.

17. Guan Xiaotong

Guan Xiaotong

Widely known as Guan, a famous Chinese actress rose to fame thanks to the role in the Profoundly Affecting movie. After starring in several movies and series, the girl released her first solo album, Eighteen. The woman cares about the environment and struggles for animal welfare, participating in various charity events and campaigns. She also adores dancing, eating rice, and spending vacations in Japan.

18. Xu Jiao

Xu Jiao

The future Chinese star commenced her career in the role of a boy in the Sci-fi movie CJ7. The woman got a Hong Kong Film Award for Best New Performer and many other nominations in prestigious contests. A beautiful girl has a net worth of almost $99 since she is engaged in multiple prospective projects and backed by huge roles. The Chinese woman likes eating ice cream, traveling to Switzerland, dancing, shopping, and playing the guitar.

19. Li Qin (Sweet Li)

Li Qin

The woman grew popular at once after finishing the Chinese opera at Shipai Central School and making her TV premier in 2008. The Chinese graduated from the Shanghai Theater Academy and dedicated most of her time to work. Still, she leaves some space for communication with friends. The woman is a big animal lover and fond of swimming and photography. A famous Chinese actress also has a 27-million following on Weibo and a $2-million net worth.

20. Wu Qian (Janice Wu)

Wu Qian

A 30-year-old actress is an established name in Chinese entertainment, filming for movies and drama shows. An active, beautiful, smart, and enthusiastic girl graduated from Wuhan University and began a professional acting career. She became booming and got many awards for her roles in top movies and TV shows. Apart from acting, the Chinese girl loves watching TV series and movies, listening to music, and traveling. She is also quite famous on Instagram and YouTube.

21. Lin Yun

Lin Yun

A successful Chinese actress and a beautiful woman is well-known for her purposeful, passionate, and stubborn character. She made herself without money and influential relatives and got interesting roles in movies despite her lack of acting experience. Although the girl is extremely popular, looking as a tidbit for many fans, she prefers to keep her private life far from the media limelight. The beautiful and hard-working celebrity focuses on her work, making an impressive net worth of $15 million.

22. Yang Zi

Yang Zi

The Chinese heroine of romantic dramas boasts an active social life and many hobbies. She sings, dances, plays the guitar, and swims. A beautiful and elegant woman always looks perfect, professing a healthy lifestyle and following iconic Audrey Hepburn. Although she allows herself to eat pizza and roast duck, durian and watermelon remain her favorites.

23. Karena Ng

Karena Ng

A graduate from Hong Kong University has always managed to turn her dreams into reality. It’s been a long time, from advertising tissue paper to her movie career as a comedy actress. After shooting to fame for her role in the comedy movie “Magic to Win,” a Chinese actress made her brand by starring in Hong Kong blockbusters. The Chinese girl is passionate about her work, constantly improving her acting skills and carefully rehearsing the slightest details.

24. Zhou Dongyu

Zhou Dongyu

A Chinese female model got her education at Beijing Film Academy and debuted in Under the Hawthorn Tree in 2010. Then, her premier TV show, The Sparrow, took place om 2016. A Chinese woman has diverse preferences, dedicating her free time to dancing, photo shooting, reading, and painting. She likes to have fun and order chicken in restaurants. A slim black-eyed Chinese cutie has 1 million followers on Instagram.

25. Guli Nazha

Guli Nazha

At 16, she was nominated as the most beautiful university student in “School Flowers,” a prestigious Chinese contest. Noted and subsequently promoted by Tangren Media, the most admirable woman shines in popular TV series and movies. The Chinese girl has one serious relationship and even was engaged. Although the celebrity poses as single, she still has a boyfriend, which is not spotted by mass media. If you join her 956k Instagram followers, you’ll get closer to Chinese beauty and lifestyle.

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There are many beautiful women worldwide. Still, Chinese ladies hold leadership due to their peaceful characters, innocent beauty, and soft manners. But on the other hand, the strong characters inside fragile Chinese bodies make young Asian woman exclusive and desired by the most sophisticated charmers.


What Is Considered Beautiful in the Country of Chinese Women?

Slim, black-haired, and black-eyed girls with quiet voices, pale faces, and childish looks are Chinese beauty standards.

How Can I Impress a Chinese Girl?

Single beautiful Chinese women don't believe in love at first sight but vote for gradually developing relationships. Hence, men should be attentive, courteous, and successful to keep those ladies interested. Well-established gentlemen with faith in relationships based on equality and respect have the most chances to date gorgeous Chinese girls.

Are Chinese Women the Most Attractive?

You will see many cuties in Star Academy France and other reality shows, TV series, and Hollywood movies. Still, Chinese women are always notable. Of course, tastes differ, but rates prove the incredible popularity of girls from China.

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